The common types of stakes: football betting

In every area it’s necessary to dig into. Football is a highly useful sport to consider for gambling. However, before trying your hand into, review the widespread bets to count on.

The outcomes to focus on while betting on football

Not to argue round and round the subject, let’s look at such ones:

  • the final score and exact result;
    Betting on the final score basically means opting for one of the three possible outcomes of
    the match, like the victory of some football team, the loss of another or the draw. It’s an ordinary one, thus this is worth studying carefully. By the way, the final goal stake is usually placed on the basis of the 90 minutes of regular time.
    Here the exact result is stated as the most precise football prediction of the final result of the game, specifying how many goals each team has scored. The feature of the bet is that the odds are very high, as a rule.
  • the first goal scorer;
    Like the stake on exact score, this is a complicated one but with more than attractive odds. It requires a good previous analysis of the match and is essentially based on selecting which player will score the first goal of the match.
    The task is to find out who kicks the penalty kicks of the chosen team. Also, if the chosen athlete, for some reason, ends up being a substitute, a football bookmaker may return the money invested.
    There is no first goal option either.
  • the halftime result;
    This bet consists of selecting how the first half ends and how the match ends. In both cases, you have to opt for team 1, draw or team 2, not for the exact result. Usually, unless there is a very clear favorite in advance, very attractive odds are offered.
    As in the other methods described above, the result at the end of 90 minutes is taken into account.
    the double chance or win without a draw
    With regard to the double chance optio, it’s precisely a matter of choosing two alternatives out of the three possible in the bet on the final score result.
    At the same time, the win without a draw, also known as the draw no bet, depending on the operator, allows you to gamble on one of the two crews and get the money back in case of a draw. In short, it may cancel the whole stake.
    However, this bet can be a profitable choice when one of the two teams is considered beforehand as having a very low chance of winning.
  • the number of goals;
    Another attractive option for football gambling is to predict the number of goals that will be scored in the match.
    Generally, the gamester is supposed to select whether more or less goals will be scored, although it is also possible to choose an exact sum. The period to stake is up to you: the first or the second time, extra periods or the whole match.
    The football betting must always include the possibility of making live match predictions during the course of the match. In fact, a majority of stakes are placed in this mode. This option requires close monitoring of the game and keeping a close eye on the statistics, especially those relating to the behavior of the footballers depending on the result and the conditions.
    Actually, the types of football bets are vast and not all bookmakers offer the same odds, so it wouldn’t hurt to do the research before gambling.

Football betting: strategies to follow

Football betting results require knowledge and dedication. In order to succeed you need to have a theoretical background, that is why it’s better to follow a strategy to obtain the best performance in the forecasts. The most important factor is to take each step with caution and logic, taking into account some guidelines to follow.
There is no exact rule that guarantees complete success in this industry, although those who hold a plan are more likely to succeed. The first point in the strategy is to define the market. That is to say, to make a filter on those sports or events on which we decide to bet. Specialization is a key factor in achieving a good performance. It is a matter of selecting a competition or a minority sport; or even sometimes a specific crew and experiencing it. Obviously the market shrinks, but it’s a good choice to start defining a roadmap and get closer to passing.

As football is very popular everywhere, a large number of events are always offered. The line is so wide that there is room to narrow down and look for specialization.

speedy 7 game
Once the market has been narrowed down, it’s time to keep a close eye on the teams and this means paying attention to the statistics and behavior of the participants. However football is an unpredictable sport in which anything can happen, there are always rules. The teams that do not offer a regularity in their results present this characteristic in such an evident way that it is easy to notice it. Sports betting offers a wide variety of odds on results, yellow cards, corner kicks, goals, scorers, etc. To succeed you have to know the previous behaviors and performances of the crews, in order to face the decision with the maximum stat data (not only about goals).
In the search for the most accurate data, don’t forget to keep track of the last minute. The injury of a footballer on the day before the match can radically change the script of the match. In this sense, there is a choice between leaving the bet for the minutes before kick-off or taking risks and looking for the odds in advance. This decision is reserved to the intuition and knowledge of each one, which is achieved with experience and extensive research work.

Striking the balance: the importance of theory knowledge in football betting

Without complete preparation and awareness of the hidden rocks it would be rather difficult to gain here. So set a goal, study, analyze and bet delightedly.