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Ykkönen 17 May: OPS vs AC Oulu

Ykkönen 17 May: OPS vs AC Oulu

OPS vs AC Oulu 18:30 Raatin Stadion, Oulu
Odds 4.33 – 3.50 – 1.72 – Bet NOW at RedKings

The first Oulu Derby in the Ykkönen this season. The teams have met 10 times previously in competitive matches and OPS has never been able to beat AC Oulu (AC Oulu 6 wins, 4 draws). Both have started their season strongly. OPS first beat GrIFK in Kauniainen 0-2 and then drew 1-1 at home with Gnistan. Everyone expected OPS to struggle in the first part of the season as they created their team very late in the pre-season. Many players arriving just 1 week before the start of the season. The players who came though have a good CV and potentially could play on a higher level than Finnish Ykkönen. AC Oulu though lead the Ykkönen after winning all 3 games 1-0. Their defense is very solid and offensively they could still improve but 1-0 wins are enough.

OPS will have all players available. The only question mark is their new Uruguayan striker whose playing permit they are still waiting for. AC Oulu has a couple of doubts in their squad but mainly all players are available.

The natural grass pitch in Oulu can be compared to a potato field with the condition it is on right now. Also it is expected that the weather will be really bad due to heavy rains so neither team will be able to play nice football.

Starting line ups:
OPS: Pennanen – Jibrin, Guero, Ouattara, Rounaja – de Moura, Juntunen Ma, Orishani – Nzekwe, Toscarini, Belov
AC Oulu: Wentin – Hautala, Auvinen, Kalermo, Aallikko – Jair, Ramadingaye, Heikkinen, Pietola, Glavas – Jovovic


Normally this game should have a high expectance of goals but with the pitch condition this game looks like under 2.5. AC Oulu is the better team but with a derby game and the pitch condition, the odds for them are a bit too low.