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Full Name: Idrottsföreningen Gnistan
Nicknames: Kipinä (Spark)
Founded: 1924
Stadium: Musta Pekka Arena, Helsinki (2000)
Manager: Tommi Lingman
Last season: Promoted from Kakkonen

Titles: –

Gnistan is a newly promoted team. They have been one of the better teams in the Kakkonen for years, but it has been a while since they were at this level (2002). They qualified by beating MuSa on penalties in the playoffs. They were a strong team for Kakkonen level but for this season their financial resources are limited and they are a challenger this season.

For this season the team has kept the core of their last seasons team but they did lose a couple of key players. The players who have come in are good but they have come within the budget. In Kakkonen, Gnistan was known to be dominating games but in Ykkönen, their squad is not good enough for this so they have changed their playing style to be more defensive and organised. You can expect them to have quite a few under 2.5 goal games.

During pre-season they have been trying to play with a 3-4-1-2 formation and there has been challenges with this as many key players have missed the pre-season due to injuries. Even at the season start, they will be without a couple of starters so you can expect them to improve when the season goes one. Despite this, they are expected to finish somewhere between positions 7 to 10.

Gnistan is known to be the reserve team for Veikkausliiga team HIFK and there will be some players moving in and out of the squad. Before placing bets on their games, it is good to see if they have some re-inforcements for the Veikkausliiga team.

Players in: Valtteri Voutilainen (Kultsu), Jesse Ahonen (Haka), Valte Vuorela (Honka), Karim Zine (Klubi-04), Gullit Zolameso (MPS), Eero Forsen (Gnistan/ogeli), Daniel Kollar (PK-35 Vantaa), Aleksandr Akbar (KäPa), Teemu Vaarakallio (Texas Rio Grande University), Karim Jouini (Honka), Patrick Aaltonen (Honka), Riku Selander (Honka), Emil Lidman (Loan from HIFK), Alex Lehtinen (Butler Bulldogs), Marcus Heimonen (PK-35 Vantaa)

Player out: Kristian Heinolainen (HIFK), Christoffer Nyberg (Viikingit), Astrit Kabashi (EPS), Santtu Toiviainen (FC Espoo), Ville Saikkonen (Free), Antton Koskinen (Free), Bangaly Kouyate (BK-46), Kristian vanhala (Free), Alex Antikainen (Free), Jonne Innala (TPS u19), Kron Rexhepi (free), Fisnik Gerxhaliu (Free)

D. Kollar FIN
T. Mikkelsson FIN
A. Otronen FIN

P. Aaltonen FIN
T. Andberg FIN
Dudu BRA
B. Jeng FIN
J. Kaukomaa FIN
M. Koskinen FIN
A. Lehtinen FIN
T. Vaarakallio FIN

J. Ahonen FIN
M. Heimonen FIN
E. Hyökyvirta FIN
J. Kauti FIN
J. Nyholm FIN
R. Selander FIN
N. Tirkkonen FIN
V. Vuorela FIN
K. Zine FIN
G. Zolameso FIN

A. Akbar FIN
K. Anyamele FIN
E. Forsen FIN
M. Hopsu FIN
K. Jouini FIN
M. Kauti FIN
E. Lidman FIN
T. Pastila FIN
A. Strandvall FIN

Our prediction: 8th