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FC Lahti

Full Name: FC Lahti
Nicknames: Mustat kuhnurit (Black drones)
Founded: 1996
Stadium: Kisapuisto (3,000)
Manager: Toni Korkeakunnas
Chairman: Mika Halttunen
Last season: 4th – Qualified to Europe

Titles: –
Cup: –
League cup: 2 (last 2013)

European Cup: –
Cup Winners Cup: –
UEFA Cup: –
Europa League: Best 3rd qualifying round 2009-2010, Club Brugge 3-4
Champions League: –

FC Lahti were lucky to earn the 4th position last season but it might be a bit more difficult this season. They have not gotten as many quality players as they would have hoped and more importantly their new goalkeeper signing Shishkovski does not seem to be as good. Thus, Lahti should lose more points than they did last season. They are again strong defensively and difficult to beat but offensively they seem to lack. Their cup did not go that well as they lost to FC Haka in the Last-12 round.

Players in: 

Artjom Dmitrijev (Nomme Kalju), Xhevdet Gela (HIFK), Teemu Jäntti (PKKU), Damjan Siskovski (FK Rabotnicki), Artjom Vjatkin (FK Zenit)

Players out:

Mikko Kuningas (FC Inter), Miikka Mujunen (TPS), Marko Simonovski (ACS Sepsi), Joona Tapani (FC Haka)

Preferred formation: 4-2-3-1

D. Shishkovski MCD
S. Pakkanen FIN
J. Tiainen FIN


M Hauhia FIN
A. Vyatkin RUS
I. Jovanovic GER
S. Hostikka FIN
K. Taimi FIN
P. Voutilainen FIN

P. Osipov RUS
F. Sadat AFG
X. Gela KOS
H. Sesay SLE
T. Jäntti FIN
A. Paananen FIN
L. Hertsi FIN
O. Kekkonen FIN
E. Virta FIN
A. Dmitrijev EST


Stenio BRA
H. Anier EST
T. Kult FIN
I. Sadik FIN

Our prediction: Without a better goalkeeper they should drop in positions. 8th position.