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FC Ilves

Full Name: FC Ilves Tampere
Nicknames: Ipa
Founded: 1931
Stadium: Tammela Stadium (5,400)
Manager: Jarkko Wiss
Chairman: Ari Ruuth
Last Season: 5th

Titles: 1 (1983)
Cup: 2 (1990)

European Cup: Best First Round 1984 Juventus 1-6
Cup Winners Cup: Best Second round 1991 AS Roma 3-6
UEFA Cup: Best First Round 1996 Glascow Rangers 2-4
Europa League: –
Champions League: –

Ilves had a great last season as they were actually still in the hunt for the title until the last few rounds. Key losses in the end dropped them to 5th position and out of Euro Cup places. This was a surprise season for everyone as no one expected them to do so well. Now they look like they can even take a step further.

Emile Paul Tendeng was a key player for Ilves together with young Mikael Soisalo. They had a great chemistry together which led into a lot of goals. They were strong at home and had a great defense. Their only negative thing was that they missed a striker who could have done better from the service that Tendeng and Soisalo game.

Now they will be without Soisalo who moved to England and Middlesbrough. They also lost defenders Heikki Aho and Pavle Milosavljevic. Despite these losses, their team looks stronger. They have brought in Tuco, Teemu Penninkangas, Aleksis Lehtonen and Youness Rahimi from SJK. Experienced central defender Jani Tanska moved from FC Lahti. Eero Tamminen came from VPS and young talent Iiro Järvinen from JJK. All of these new players are potential starting line up players and under the guidance of Jarkko Wiss, they can become even star players.

Their level has already been seen in the pre-season and in the Finnish Cup where they won their group by winning all their 5 matches including against other Veikkausliiga teams KuPS, FC Lahti and JJK. They lost in the semifinal to HJK after a tight game and could have forced the match into overtime if they would have scored from their late penalty. Their team looks balanced with a good goalkeeper, good defense and one of the best midfields in Veikkausliiga. The only questionmark is the offense. Tuco is definitely a better forward than what they had last season but he is not always a straight goalscorer. Whoever their striker is, he will need to put the ball away.

Players in: Eero Tamminen (VPS), Teemu Penninkangas (SJK), Ariel ”Tuco” Ngueukam (SJK), Youness Rahimi (SJK), Aleksis Lehtonen (SJK), Iiro Järvinen (JJK), Jani Tanska (FC Lahti), Johannes Luukkanen (Klubi 04)

Players out: Mikael Soisalo (Middlesbrough, England), Pavle Milosavljevic (FF Jaro), Samu Nieminen (JJK), William Rosenlöf (VIFK), Heikki Aho (Retired), Jonne Hjelm (Retired), Mika Lahtinen (Retired), Eero Korte (End of contract), Yoro Ly (End of contract), Diogo Tomas (End of contract) Yunus Sentamu (End of contract)

What you can expect from Ilves this season is many home wins. Ayarna and Tendeng will dominate the midfield and they will be a very difficult team to beat. With the squad they have, you can expect them to be able to score in every game. Even against a good solid defense like HJK´s they were able to create chances and almost score.  Their defense is good but as the KPV game showed, some good set piece teams can cause them problems.

Lahti 0-2 Ilves Cup
Ilves 3-1 Haka Cup
Ilves 4-0 MP Cup
JJK 0-1 Ilves Cup
Ilves 2-1 KuPS Cup
Ilves 4-2 KPV Cup
Hammarby 4-0 Ilves friendly
Ilves 0-1 HJK Cup


M. Hilander FIN
A. Kuusinen FIN
J. Luukkanen FIN

A. Hynynen FIN
F. Aspegren FIN
J. Tanska FIN
T. Miettunen FIN
T. Penninkangas FIN
T. Kazi FIN
A. Koskinen FIN
M. Haukioja FIN

R. Ayarna GHA
M. Matrone FIN
I. Järvinen FIN
E. Tendeng  SEN
T. Siira FIN
L. Ala-Myllymäki FIN
J. Juuti FIN
E. Tamminen FIN

Y. Rahimi FIN
A. “Tuco” Ngueukam CMR
A. Lehtonen FIN
A. Hilska FIN

Our prediction: 2nd