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FC Haka

Full Name: Valkeakosken Haka
Nicknames: Haka
Founded: 1934
Stadium: Tehtaan kenttä (3500)
Manager: Keith Armstrong
Chairman: Marko Laaksonen
Last season: 7th in Ykkönen

Titles: 9 (2004)
Cup: 12 (2005)

The legendary team of FC Haka has been out of the Veikkausliiga for a while now. Each season they set their target for promotion and each season something happens which prevents it. Last season they started poorly and had to bring in their legendary goalkeeper Olli Huttunen to save them from relegation which he did and they finished 7th. Now Huttunen has become the managing director of the club and Keith Armstrong was brought in as manager.

With Armstrong the teams has changed a lot. He demands a lot from his players and this has shown also in their playing style. It is more direct and they no longer do too much dribbling or passing. Also the squad has changed quite a lot. They have several young players in the team who have a bright future ahead of them but they can still be quite inconsistent. Their goalkeeping is in good level with 2 keepers who provide competition. Their biggest problem is the defense. Their main CB is Latosaari who is a good player but now he has to be the main man in defense. Previously he has been playing alongside more experienced defenders but now he is supposed to be the man. This can be a question mark for the team.

Their midfield is strong with Anton Popovitch and Niilo Mäenpää who both can play on a higher level in the future.  Also new signing Omar Khary has potential. They still lack an experienced player there but with youth they can manage.  Kalle Multanen returned to FC Haka after a season with FC Lahti and he will be probably the best striker in the league having been the top scorer in Ykkönen in 2014 and 2015. He will provide the goals.

What you can expect from Haka is goals from a good offense and to concede goals from an average defense. Their team is good but at this level you have to be in-form the whole season and with young players you cannot be so consistent.

Players in: Ville-Valtteri Starck (FC Jazz), Paavo Ahola (FC Lahti), Omar Khary (PK-35 Vantaa), Patrik Ahonen (HIFK), Lutfi Bilali, Kalle Multanen (FC Lahti)

Player out: Aapo Mäenpää (Mariehamn), Joni Mäkelä (KuPS), Etchu Tabe (EIF), Eero-Matti Auvinen (AC Oulu), Cheyne Fowler (TPV), Chris James (Free), Jesse Ahonen (Gnistan), Jere Intala (Out of contract), Dudu (Free)

Karjanlahti FIN
J. Immonen FIN
V. Kauppinen FIN

V-V. Starck FIN
J. Saarinen FIN
J. Kyöstilä FIN
H. Malundama FIN
P. Ahola FIN
M-P. Latosaari FIN

J. Rantanen FIN
O. Khary FIN
T. Lähdesmäki FIN
E. Helminen FIN
A. Popovitch FIN
N. Mäenpää FIN

P. Ahonen FIN
T. Järvi FIN
E. Mbachu NGA
L. Bilali MKD
K. Multanen FIN

Our prediction: 5th