Three games tonight in the Ykkönen; FF Jaro vs MYPA, EIF vs TPS and TPV vs MuSa

FF Jaro vs MYPA 17:00 Länsikenttä, Pietarsaari
Bethard odds: 1.25 – 5.40 – 9.50

The weather conditions in Pietarsaari are poor so because of this, the match is moved to artificial turf on Länsikenttä.

Jaro has changed a lot from last season and they did struggle a bit in the Finnish Cup from which they got two points from their 4 games including a 0-0 draw against today´s opponent MYPA. Jaro team looks a bit weaker than last season but as there are not many big favourites in this season´s ykkönen, they could have a small chance to get promoted. They started the season well by beating EIF away from home 1-2. It was a match where they started well by creating many chances but could not score a goal. In the second half they found a couple of goals to win. It was a good win, but does not really tell too much about them as EIF has changed the most from last season.

MYPA is newly promoted as they earned their spot after PS Kemi could not play in the Ykkönen due to financial problems. MYPA is one of the favourites to get relegated, but still they are not too bad team at least defensively. They opened their season by losing 0-1 at home to one of the league favourites, TPS. TPS created a lot of chances in the first half but MYPA defense with their goalkeeper Turunen held. In the second half TPS managed to get a 2-on-1 counter attack from which they finally scored. Until then MYPA had played well defensively and even had one dangerous chance themselves.


Its early in the season, the weather is cold and Jaro is playing on a field that they do not know that well. Also the teams know each other well as MYPA head coach Karjalainen was part of the Jaro organisation before this MYPA job. He even worked with Jaro head coach Käcko so he knows his tricks. Because of this, the main pick is MYPA +2 handicap  Bethard having 1.83 odds for this.

EIF vs TPS 17:00 Centrumplan, Ekenäs
Bethard odds: 4.45 – 3.55 – 1.71

EIF was the surprise team last season but this year they have gotten about 20 new players so you would expect them to struggle in the start at least. They have gotten decent players and they should not have any problems avoiding relegation. Promotion might be a too much of an ask, but when the team starts to play better as a team then they can fight evenly against the big boys. Now that is not the case. EIF started their season by losing to FF Jaro at home 1-2 in a match where Jaro was able to create plenty of chances but just could not find the net. TPS should be even stronger.

TPS has changed also from last season and they are considered as the main challenger for AC Oulu for the promotion. There are a lot of question marks like can the team stay fit and how good is their new head coach Pikkarainen. Is he capable of winning a promotion with this team. TPS started by beating MYPA in their opening game 0-1. It was a tough match for them as MYPA defended really well but still they had plenty of chances already to win the game in the first half. They need to improve their finishing if they wish to continue their winning start.


The teams met in the Finnish Cup with TPS winning 3-1. Since then, TPS has improved on their defense but at the same time goal scoring has become a bit more difficult. We will still go with TPS to win and if you want better odds, you could take TPS to win by exactly 1 goal.

TPV vs MuSa 17:00 Ratinan Stadion, Tampere
Bethard odds: 2.20 – 3.15 – 3.20

This is the battle between two newly promoted teams. TPV is the bigger team with more history but MuSa seems to be the team that has played a bit better recently. The teams know each other well as they met twice this year in friendlies with MuSa winning both games 1-2 and 4-2. Both teams know very well how each other play and the matches were very even between them. This is the first time that MuSa will play on natural grass this season so that might give the home side a slight advantage.

As both teams are newly promoted they are expected to finish in the mid-table to bottom table. TPV started their season by losing only 1-0 against Haka in a derby match. MuSa on the other hand got all three points from their long road trip to Kajaani by beating AC 1-2.


The draw is very close here with 3.15 odds but I will go with a bit riskier option which is MuSa to score over 1.5 goals in the match with odds 2.95.

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