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KuPS signs back Petteri Pennanen

KuPS announced today that they have re-signed their former player Petteri Pennanen with a 1,5 year deal

The 26-year old Petteri Pennanen moves back to KuPS from Polish 2 tier team Miedz Legnica. He would have still had 1 year remaining with the Polish club but the team´s situation was not certain and as KuPS was interested in hiring him back, he decided to return to his first club.

KuPS had been looking for a new player for the midfield after Urho Nissilä got injured. They always considered Pennanen as the number 1 choice and as he was motivated to come back home, KuPS jumped on the idea.

Last season he scored 7 goals in 32 games for KuPS. In Poland he played in 14 games without scoring a goal.

KuPS will try to get his working permit so he would be eligible already for their next game against HIFK on the 17 July. He will join the training already this week. As he knows the team well, there should not be any issues for him to be ready to play immediately.

Petteri Pennanen player card at Soccerway – Click here.
Full story in Finnish on KuPS website – Click here.

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