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HIFK signs Mikael Forssell

HIFK announced today that they have signed a 1-year deal with former Finnish international striker Mikael Forssell

The 36-year old Mikae Forssell has 87 appearances for the Finland national team and is their 2nd most efficient goalscorer in history. Forssell has had a long career playing at the highest levels in England and Germany. His best season happened 14 years ago when he scored 16 goals for Birmingham City in the English Premier League. In 2008/09 he had a great season in the Bundesliga when he scored 7 goals for Hannover 96. Unfortunately injuries have plagued his career and in 2013 he returned to Finland and HJK. He scored 21 goals during 2 seasons with HJK before he went back to Germany and Bochum in the 2nd Bundesliga. He scored 3 goals in 312 playing minutes there. He rested for 1 season before joining HJK again last season. With Morelos in good form, he did not get much playing time but still managed to score 3 goals.

Forssell has been training with HIFK since December and has fitted in very well with the team. “Miklu” has been excellent in training and will provide a lot of extra value for the team.

– I have been training a lot with the team and it is good to get back into action. I fell I am a part of the team and we have good guys in the squad. I have felt a part of this team since day 1 and it helped that I knew almost half of the players before I joined the team. The guys have taken me in well, says Forssell.

– Of course I believe and hope that I can score goals. I want to be a role model for the younger players outside the pitch. I have a lot to give and I want to play football. I am very gratefull that I can be a part of HIFK and bring some added value to the team.

Forssell describes the HIFK fans as passionate.

– I am humble to join this team. IFK fans have a lot of passion and you need that in Football. We look for support on the pitch and also I need it. It is my job to win the trust of the fans and get support from them who think my move is a positive one. You cannot get anything free in life or football. I will look forward to my first home game, continues Forssell.

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