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Finland Veikkausliiga MOnday 17 October: 2 Rounds left..

Finnish Veikkausliiga Monday 17 October:
PS Kemi vs VPS 18:30 Keskuskenttä Rovaniemi
Odds 3.70 – 3.15 – 2.10 – Great odds on Veikkausliiga at

PS Kemi managed to stop their losing streak with an important draw against main rival FC Inter Turku. This does not mean that they are safe yet as they might still need points if FC Inter beats RoPS on Monday. VPS was one of the winners in the last round as all the top-4 teams drew their matches and allowed VPS to almost catch them up. They are now only 2 points away from a Euro Cup place so they have huge stakes.

The teams have met 3 times this season with VPS winning in the league cup 2-0 but in the league PS Kemi won 0-1 and drew 0-0 at home.  Please note that this match is played in Rovaniemi and not in the normal home ground for PS Kemi.

Team News:
PS Kemi: Joona Veteli and Ryan Gilligan both return to the line up.


PS Kemi: They are 0-1-4 in their last 5 games and 7-1-7 at home.

VPS: They are 2-2-1 in their last 5 games and 5-5-6 on the road.

Starting line ups:
PS Kemi: Vilmunen – Bitsindou, Taimi, Savic, Räihä – Stewart, Veteli, Gilligan, Könönen – Gullsten, Törnros

VPS: Kobozev – Engström, Koskimaa, Boxall, Lampi – Laatikainen, Vahtera, Strandvall, Voutilainen, Lähde – Soiri


The odds for the home team are good here. VPS is not the best away team and despite this match being played in Rovaniemi, they have a chance here. PS Kemi Draw no bet.


Ilves vs HJK 18:30 Tammelan stadion, Tampere
Odds 2.90 – 3.05 – 2.60 – Great odds on Veikkausliiga at

This is a big game for the title and Euro Cup hunt. HJK is second with 1 point behind leaders IFK Mariehamn. Ilves is 4th with 2 points behind HJK. The difference between the teams is that Ilves is having a great season but HJK has been a disappointment. Ilves was unable to capitalize on HJK drawing with IFK Mariehamn as they were unable to beat HIFK at home. Ilves though was missing Soisalo from that match which was a blow. They still have lost only once at home and that was in their first match of the season against Mariehamn. HJK defense let them down against Mariehamn as they conceded an easy goal that took away their win.

The teams have met twice this season with both teams winning once at home. Overall Ilves has beaten HJK twice at home with 3 games ending in a draw and HJK winning once.

Team News:
Ilves: They will miss long term injured Hynynen, Korte and Lahtinen and suspended Tiira.

HJK: Their top scorer Morelos is suspended from this match.

Ilves: They are 2-3-0 in their last 5 games and 9-5-1 at home.

HJK: They are 1-1-3 in their last 5 games and 4-6-5 on the road.

Starting line ups:
Ilves: Hilander – Aho, Miettunen, Milosavljevic, Aspegren – Soisalo, Matrone, Tendeng, Ayarna, Ala-Myllymäki – Hjelm

HJK: Uusitalo – Taiwo, Rexhepi, Tatomirovic, Jalasto – Annan, Kolehmainen, Dahlström, Rafinha – Odu, Pelvas


HJK starting with Uusitalo in goal and no Morales so definitely a home win.


SJK vs PK-35 Vantaa 18:30 OmaSP stadion, Seinäjoki
Odds 1.09 – 9.00 – 26.00 – Great odds on Veikkausliiga at

This is a must win game for the hosts. They were unable to beat FC Lahti in the last round but luckily for them, all other Top-4 teams drew also so they still have a chance but they will need to win this match. PK-35 Vantaa has nothing to play for anymore except pride and jobs for next season.

The teams have met 3 times this season with SJK winning in the Finnish Cup and at home in the league. The first match at Vantaa ended 0-0.

Team News:
SJK: They are missing only Jarkko Hurme who is suspended.

PK-35: They are missing only Omar Khary who is injured.

SJK: They are 4-1-0 in their last 5 games and 12-1-3 at home.

PK-35: They are 0-0-5 in their last 5 games and 2-2-12 on the road.

Starting line ups:
SJK: Aksalu – Aimar, Vales, Ojala, Dorman – Klinga, Hetemaj, Hradecky, Vasara – Ions, Riski

PK-35: Kollar – Ademaj, Rasimus, Väisänen, Pitkänen – Heimonen, Mombilo, Xhaferi, Jouini – Kastrati, Ömer


Clear home win with at least 2 goals.


Inter Turku vs RoPS 18:30 Veritas Stadion, Turku
Odds 2.10 – 3.20 – 3.60 – Great odds on Veikkausliiga at

Inter was unable to beat PS Kemi in the last round and the are in trouble. They need to win this match or they might be in the relegation play-off after this round. RoPS took an important win over KuPS in the last round and they still have a slight chance to get into Europe but that would require RoPS to earn 4 points more than Ilves and 2 points more than VPS in their last 2 games.

FC Inter is undefeated in their last 6 matches but 4 of those matches have ended in a draw. They need to start getting 3 points or they will face the 2nd team in the 1st Division in playoffs. As it looks like now, they would face their city rivals TPS so not an easy game.

RoPS has beaten Inter Turku twice this season including once at Turku but that win was their first ever against Inter. Inter has beaten RoPS 13 times at home, drawn 3 times and RoPS has won only once.

Team News:
Inter: Inter will miss Henrik Moisander, Pape Habib Sow, Oskari Qvick, Alban Ferati who are injured and Petros Kanakoudis who is suspended.


Inter: They are 2-3-0 in their last 5 games and 4-6-6 at home.

RoPS: They are 2-1-2 in their last 5 games and 4-4-7 on the road.

Starting line ups:
Inter: Lehtovaara – Belica, Obilor, Manev, Tamboura – Duah, Ugoala, Lehtonen, Zeneli, Nebihi – Kuqi

RoPS: Ricardo – Lahdenmäki, Hämäläinen, Jammeh, Järvenpää – Galan, Mravec, Saine – Pirinen, Prosa, Saksela


Home win. RoPS still missing a couple of players and despite this line up winning last time against KuPS, we doubt they can do it again.


FC Lahti vs IFK Mariehamn 18:30 Lahden Stadion, Lahti
Odds 3.50 – 3.30 – 2.10 – Great odds on Veikkausliiga at

FC Lahti has nothing to play for and because of this they are able to play football without pressure. That is why they are unbeaten in their last 7 matches but the last 3 have ended in a draw. IFK Mariehamn is leading the whole league and if they win their last two games of the season, they are going to be crowned Champions for the first time ever. Mariehamn is also undefeated in their last 4 matches but also for them 3 of those have ended in a draw.

The teams have met 4 times this season with Mariehamn winning home in the league 3-0 and in Lahti the points were shared 1-1. The league cup match ended 2-2 and in the Finnish Cup Lahti won after Extra time 1-2. Overall FC Lahti has beaten Mariehamn in Lahti 8 times, 7 draws and Mariehamn has won only once.

Team News:
Lahti: They will miss Jani Tanska, Boris Tatar, Hassan Sesay, Drilon Shala and Jasse Tuominen. This will be the final home match for club legend Rafael and Jussi Länsitalo.

Mariehamn: Only Gabriel Petrovic is a doubt.

Lahti: They are 1-4-0 in their last 5 games and 7-6-3 at home.

Mariehamn: They are 1-3-1 in their last 5 games and 7-4-4 on the road.

Starting line ups:
Lahti: Vasiutin – Hauhia, Voutilainen, Kärkkäinen, Länsitalo – Paananen, Tammilehto – Hostikka, Osipov, Sadat – Rafael

Mariehamn: Viitala – Friberg Da Cruz, Lyyski, Kojola, Granlund – Sid, Sparrdal Mantilla, Clement, Ekhalie – Orgill, Kangaskolkka


Difficult match to predict but the odds on Mariehamn are tool low. Both teams to score is our pick here.


HIFK vs KuPS 18:30 Sonera Stadium, Helsinki
Odds 1.70 – 3.60 – 5.00 – Great odds on Veikkausliiga at

The home team will still need some points in order to avoid the relegation play off. They are 2 points ahead of FC Inter so they need to win this one. KuPS has nothing to play for anymore. Their loss to RoPS in the last round basically took away their chance to make it into to top-6 which would give them an extra home game for next season. KuPS are  in bad form after 4 straight losses and it does not look like they will be able to turn it around.

The teams have met twice this season with both teams winning once at home.

Team News:
HIFK: They will miss Emil Conti, Esa Terävä and Xhevdet Gela who is suspended.

KuPS: Joona Lautamaja is suspended.

HIFK: They are 3-2-0 in their last 5 games and 4-5-6 at home.

KuPS: They are 0-1-4 in their last 5 games and 4-4-8 on the road.

Starting line ups:
HIFK: Maanoja – Hänninen, Pirttijoki, Kuusijärvi, Vesala – Lassas, Halme, Väyrynen, Anyamele – Sihvola, Salmikivi

KuPS: Hill – Diallo, Hoivala, Azubuike, Rannankari – Jaiteh, Pennanen, Onobi, Hakola – Salami, Savolainen


I think we will see goals today. Both teams to score.


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  1. Gareth on

    Mariehamn odds on to win it now! Could never have predicted that at the start of the season.

    Wil HJK have Morelos back for the last game, and what is going on with their goalkeepers?


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